How Our Garden Grows

A defining feature of our winery will be its lush surroundings: The Gardens. Diverse trees and shrubs will envelop your outdoor events and provide a green refuge amidst the familiar suburban landscape. You’ve seen how our structure is shaping up, and soon you’ll get a virtual tour of the up-and-coming gardens.

True to our goal of fighting the urban heat island effect, we intend to flesh out an under-canopy. We will achieve this by planting drought-tolerant grasses and ornamental shrubs. Alongside an array of gorgeous fruit trees, these will act as protective ground cover.

A stone paved footpath in a lush garden.

We are currently in the process of planting a perfectly cohesive grouping of Florida-friendly trees. Maintaining native foliage is important for the local environment, but also makes for pleasing aesthetics. Our garden may be home to black olive, tamarind, lychee and tupelo trees. Not only will it be a cozy escape for all of you, but also for our honeybee friends.

Imagine sitting at our outdoor bar, tasting wine while enjoying fruits from the garden and farm-to-table bistro creations. Stroll along the walkways with friends and coworkers to rediscover a love of nature that so many of us have lost. Bring the kids to learn about each tree and its role in the permaculture. Take or teach a class surrounded by fresh greenery. The garden provides a backdrop for all of these activities and more.


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A sustainable winery and agricultural site featuring botanical gardens and both indoor and outdoor event space.

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