Chinese New Year: The Tradition of the Golden Gift

Since winery co-owner George is from Taiwan, we learn a lot about Chinese and Taiwanese culture. Today is the eve of the Chinese New Year. You may know about the parades and celebrations that take place during this holiday, but did you know there is also a gift-giving component?

The Chinese give gifts for the New Year to usher in good luck and good fortune. Some prepare for months by gathering gifts or withdrawing new, crisp cash from the bank. Giving money and other tokens of prosperity is only appropriate if they are brand-new.

Bright colors are also an important factor in a Chinese New Year gift. Specifically, red and yellow. Red corresponds to fortune and joy. Chinese culture considers yellow to be the most beautiful color and associates this vibrant shade with luck. Gold, which is in the yellow color family, is often paired with red for the New Year festivities.

A few examples of gifts that people exchange during this special holiday:Cara cara oranges as gifts for Chinese New Year

  • Tea
  • Flowers
  • Books
  • Fruits
  • Clothes
  • Toys

What’s our idea of the perfect gift for this occasion? Cara cara oranges, which are a beautiful golden color on the outside, red on the inside. Not only are they the perfect color combination, but oranges represent good fortune. What could be better than a nutritious gift with a lucky twist?


We are partial to this type of gift because, of course, delicious and unusual fruits are our thing!

Happy Year of the Rooster!


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