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Comparison: Cross Line vs. Rotary Laser Level

Normally, a beginner often gets confused when looking for the best laser level for the money because of the variety of laser levels in the market, and they become clueless about what type is better for their work requirements. So that’s why today we are going to give you a detailed comparison between rotary and cross-line laser level.

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For those who have not known, projection can cause the two types of laser levels to work differently. With a rotary laser level, you are not going to get confined in terms of direction while using a rotary laser level. Projection can help you to achieve the desired results at a commercial site.

With a cross-line laser level, if you want to be able to see the beam in bad lighting conditions then you should use the laser detector for better results and avoid any guesswork while working.

Therefore, at the time of buying a laser level, please remember that the projection of a device will also help you to select the right model for work.


It’s likely that a user would mainly like or dislike a device based on its operational functions. In other words, if users find it difficult to work with a tool like the best laser level, then that’s absolutely not the right tool for them. Basically, with a rotary laser level that works on a rotation principle, you can choose any model that has fixable rotation speed and variable rotation speed. Otherwise, with a cross laser level, most people find it easy to deal with and they suppose the beams are more solid.

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Accuracy should be another factor to notice when buying a laser level. A rotary laser level can move its faces from one place to another, which means the beam will be locked in one place and you don’t have to re-adjust the product after finishing all the work. Moreover, you can either fix it or rotate it at a certain speed, and we guarantee that it will work perfectly.

Different from a rotary laser level, a cross-line one is quite inexpensive and suitable for people who are not willing to spend much money on it. We are sure that you will be satisfied with the accuracy it can provide when working on indoor projects.


Portability can be a real problem for you. For instance, when you have to travel a lot you are not able to keep the top rated laser levels in a bag due to the size of it. When we compare cross line and rotary laser level, cross line laser level is known to be more portable. It’s small in size and you can always keep it in a bag and carry it around easily while a rotary laser level which is large in size is suitable for construction work and you have to adjust it on a tripod or on some mounting bracket to rotate it.

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If you are searching for a laser level to buy, first you need to list down all the features you require to complete the task successfully and then check out our reviews about how to choose the right laser level for yourself.



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