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How to Increase the Scientific Value of a Dissertation?

There are times when examiners do not see the scientific value of a dissertation. In this case, it is recommended to resort to the following methods.

To rephrase the originally composed postulates, affecting the novelty, practical significance of the project. Perhaps the author showed these aspects too vaguely, did not argue them. Add an evidence base in the study: conduct additional analysis, calculate new performance indicators, etc. Alternatively, you should double-check the existing calculations and supplement the conclusions.

Confirm the value of the project (if possible) with numbers. This method is suitable for mathematical, technical, economic and other dissertations, when a graduate student has to show and confirm the effectiveness of the proposed measures by calculations. Numbers never lie. The main thing is to double-check the calculations in order to avoid errors and inaccuracies that distort the result of the study.

In order to emphasize the scientific value and novelty of the dissertation, should rely on the past works of scientists, emphasizing their features, gaps and the need to fill them or reform individual postulates.

Thus, the scientific value of the dissertation research is intended to show:

  • how useful and important is the work of the author in theory and life;

  • how the hypotheses put forward by him will be reflected in the results of the activities of the scientific community;

  • what moments and aspects are proposed to be modernized and the rationale for the need and expediency of changes.

It is important to correctly formulate the significance and novelty of the project, which will emphasize the uniqueness of the study. In the dissertation, this is indicated in the introductory part and partially in the conclusion. The introduction emphasizes the degree of study of the chosen topic, and in the conclusion, the potential or real result (results of approbation) of the proposed measures is argued. Any assertion must be supported by evidence.

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