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How to save strength for a good ending to a novel

1. rest in the process.

Many people are afraid to disconnect from their work even for a couple of days - afraid to lose the thread of the story, the momentum and newfound inspiration. But it is necessary to rest - and it is necessary to disconnect. Or rather, to switch it off for a while, to bring clarity to the head and ease to the thoughts. Yes, then you have to pick up the pace again, but you'll definitely have the strength for the finale. And on the days off it would be nice to relax - to walk, read, do other creative work.

And PayForEssay the author of this article, having a rest, reread the written and looking for inconsistencies, recalling events. And I also write backwards - so that all the significant events, actions and thoughts of the hero are at hand.

2. Don't demand too much of yourself.

Yes, there are "monsters" who write a novel in a couple of months. You want to do that, too. Everyone wants to write three or four books a year, not the other way around. But if your norm now is a chapter a month, then you should write a chapter a month. With time - and skill - you'll probably get to a novel in six months. In the meantime, don't chase the crane in the sky; better to hold onto your tit.

This also includes the unbridled desire of perfectionists to write perfect at once and redo twenty times one miserable chapter that doesn't like something. If you're vaguely aware of what it is, don't rewrite it, but reread it and think it over. If you don't understand it, leave it as it is. You can't finish a novel by rewriting parts. And you can't write it perfectly at once. Bring to perfection ready much easier than unfinished. And after time, the rough edges and inconsistencies are much better seen.

3 Do not run away into the story from the problems of reality.

Especially those problems and cases that need to buy essay be solved soon. When a writer starts to be torn between creativity and, say, a session, it is not good for either the book or the exams. And the narrative crumples, and the tickets don't learn, and one gets terribly tired of fighting with oneself and circumstances. It is better to put aside - for a little while! - creativity aside and solve problems. The same is true of everyday household chores.

Business as it is known, time and leisure - an hour. And in our reality of life, creativity, unfortunately, is "fun. Which is much more pleasant and useful to be engaged in when no one is standing over the soul, when there are no undone business.

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