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What is a PhD Dissertation?

A doctoral candidate is a trained professional who presents an argument on a specific topic to show his comprehension of that discipline. A successful student will also prove that their understanding is genuine and valid. He or she will, in return, be awarded a certain amount of money as a mark of commendation.

Writing a scholarly paper is a process that has numerous guidelines that one must follow. For starters, the set rules determine the length of a preferred research proposal. When writing a PhD dissertation, the discussion section is often the most extensive. The volume of literature to be discussed is usually determined by the tutor. Additionally, a single chapter can cover over ten pages.

Ultimately, the committee will direct the researcher to present only relevant information in a proposed study. The dissertation is structured similarly to a standard essay. It consists of an introduction, abstract, methodology, results, discussions, and conclusion.

Types of Research Proposals

The format for a work has to include a background check and an in-depth analysis. The sections for the various chapters will depend on the requirements of the learner. However, some of the common formatting styles for these papers are:

  • An Outline

  • Section Introduction

  • Results

  • Discussion

  • Conclusion

Bibliography is an essential part of aPh.D. dissertation. Its function is to provide a reference list to the writer, such that if the reader needs more details on a particular issue, they can refer to the original document. The sources are arranged alphabetically, and footnotes are included in each bibliography page.

While different institutions have diverse types of proposals, the structure is mostly the same across all the major US and UK schools. The following are the formatting patterns that vary from the program to the institution.

Philosophy dissertation

This is a lengthy piece that typically addresses a central philosophical question. The final submission for a PhD dissertation starts with a title paragraph that contains the statement of problem and its implication. The paragraphs should have a total of approximately 650 words. Each subsection in the proposal varies on the subject: The importance of the belief is expounded in the body, whereas time and Society are explained in detail.

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