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Our Wine

Here at Island Grove we specialize in fine blueberry wines using the freshest blueberries from our own Florida plantations. Along the way we began making different wines and now several years later, we have a whole portfolio of fun, fresh and exciting wines.

Our family of wine consists of a few categories. We specialize in wine that is made from fruit - preferably our loved blueberry, as we have been growing them for over 30 years now.  Our Signature Berry Wines, our Fruit & Grape Blends, and our 100% Fruit Wines make up our list - ranging from dry & sophisticated to sweet & flirty. 

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Visiting wines

Wine On Tap

While we only produce fruit wines, don't think we neglect or disparage traditional grape wine. On the contrary!


We invest heavily in our admirable and diverse collection of grape wines from responsible sources around the world. 

Our Italian-made wine on tap machines dispense the perfect glass of wine every time. We have several machines for you to try out featuring over 50 different wines. Each self-serve machine has a built-in cooling system perfectly suited to the temperature needs of either whites or reds. Choose from 3 different portion sizes; 1oz, 3oz, and 5oz pours. Enjoy a sample size to a full glass of wine once you realize you've fallen in love with a certain bottle.

Get ready to experience a new kind of beverage service: the kind where you serve yourself, but with no room for error! Choose from our broad selection of traditional wines and know that you will always get the perfect glass with our wine on tap!

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