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Orange Wax

Catering & Beverage

Catered Events

The following approved vendors have been hand selected to provide you with a wide variety of menu options and services to accommodate your preference, budget, and theme. Choose from one of the following select caterers for your wedding at Formosa Winery. Catering fees are not included in our pricing and are billed separately by your preferred caterer. We do not accept catering outside of this list to provide services for your event and all catering packages must include serving/bartending personnel. Catering and beverage drop off is not permitted. All alcohol beverages must be served via your selected caterer. No cash bars or rapid consumption alcohol are permitted.

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Premier Events

Phone: (407) 285-0284

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Corwin's Catering

Phone: (407)-883-6295


Levan's Catering

Phone: (407)-699-9900


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4 Rivers Smoke House

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