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5 Fantastic Red Wines at Orlando's Favorite Tasting House

Please Note: Wines featured at Formosa Winery Tasting House rotate and change frequently, providing something new and delicious for everyone. This list of wines reflects what is currently at Formosa Winery at the time of this blog posting. This blog is intended to give you a taste of the sort of quality wines we like to feature and that you can expect from our Tasting House! Take a glance at some of our favorite new reds!

Real Academia Garnacha -

This 2020 Spanish red comes in a stunning emerald green and gold foil label. Inside this beautiful bottle lays a brilliant and intense violet and red color wine tasting of dark fruits such as strawberry, raspberry, and black currants. Touches of oak and balsamic shine through this Spanish beauty, complimenting its powerful and meaty taste. The slight minerality is balanced by the right amount of acidity. This wine carries a pleasant soft mouth feel. If you're new to Grenache or a seasoned vet, this bottle is the way to go.

Peirano Estate Six Clones Merlot -

A 2021 Heritage Collection, Estate Grown, Lodi Appellation. Produced from 6 different clones of Merlot including two rare French clones as well as the very rare Italian clone. This wine is made from hand picked grapes aged in French and American oak barrels. It's nose matches the taste: a medley of maraschino cherries, black raspberries, cran-raspberry, plums, as well as spicy cinnamon, nutmeg and clove. Bright red fruit tannins and acidity leave a pleasing, long lasting, soft finish on this unforgettable Merlot. When our team tasted this beauty even the ones who historically don't like Merlot found this wine to be incredible, and reminiscent in many ways of a quality cab or zin.

Stack House Cabernet Sauvignon -

2019 in Sonoma is an incredible vintage that winemakers describe as a dream vintage with near perfect growing conditions. Layered and ripe, with forward and undeniably delicious darker berry fruits as well as beautiful aromas of black currants, blackberries and black cherries intermingle with layers of roasted herbs, crushed rock, graphite, mocha, toasty French oak and baking spices. Stack House is plush and velvety with a mouthfeel that is rich and textured while showcasing brilliant freshness and acidity. The wine culminates with a gorgeous enduring finish. A higher end bottle of wine that is deadly good.

Villarini Nero D'Avola -

This 2021 organic grape and vegan Italian wine is rich with notes of cherry, plum, blackberry, and a herbal hint of sage. Complimenting the fruity notes are spicy touches of vanilla and chocolate. This deliciously jammy wine pairs perfectly with red meat, roasted potatoes, or antipasto. Nero D'Avola is Sicily's most important red wine variety.

Root Cause Pinot Noir -

Winemaker Steven DeCosta has crafted a fantastic Pinot Noir by carefully selecting lots of fruit from all across the state of California. There's an attractive lightness to the mouthfeel of this 2021 vintage but plenty of intensity coming from the ripe black cherry and raspberry fruit with a touch of varietal spice and tobacco. The clean, smooth, finish makes this a fine red that will pair nicely with salmon or roast chicken. A fantastic wine for the price that never disappoints (and one of our team's favorites).



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