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2020 Resolutions for Wine Lovers

Can't commit to the gym? Neither can I. The only thing I really plan on exercising is my wrists when I pull out a cork or twist off the top of a bottle. Sure it may already be over a week into the new year - but that just means there has been plenty of time for us to try resolutions we thought we could stick to only to realize "who were we kidding?"....

But not to worry. Here are some resolutions we're sure you'll actually get behind!

Why? Because they're WINE related of course!

Resolution 1:


Step outside your comfort zone or simply expand your zone of comfort. If you like whites, try reds! If you like cheap wine, try top shelf. Prefer Californian? Why not sample something from Argentina? You might find yourself pleasantly surprised - or at the very least, more acutely aware of your preferred palette. One of the best places you can try new wines is right here at our winery where we feature more than 50 Wines on Tap! Come check it out.

Resolution 2:


Sipping wine by itself is enjoyable as it is but one way to take it to the next level is intentionally pairing it with complimentary foods. Don't know what foods to pair it with? Give it a quick google before you cook or ask your waiter if you're out to eat and turn a regular night into an exploration of the senses! An easy rule of thumb; red wines go great with desserts and white wines pair perfectly with sea food. You won't be disappointed.

Resolution 3:


Who cares if it's no ones birthday...make it a goal to throw a party just because! Life is short and wine is too good to go un-corked. Don't know where to begin? Here's some ideas: ask each guest to bring a random bottle of wine, set up a charcuterie board or two, play all the best songs about wine (like Red Red Wine etc.), and maybe do some up-cycle crafts with the bottles and corks! And...if you really want to go all out you can reserve a room in our venue (including our tasting room) to throw your party! Now doesn't that sound fun?!

Resolution 4:


By this point hopefully you've tried pairing wines with foods - so you'll already know the magic of mixing flavors. Now it's time to bring that magic into the kitchen. My favorite recipe is to be Cioppino. Let us know what you try by tagging us @formosawinery.

Resolution 5:


It is possible of course to make it through this life enjoying wine without ever knowing what a sommelier is or what tannins are or the difference between fortified wine and ice wine... but knowledge is power and power is sexy...that's how the saying goes right? So why NOT know these things and feel confident when you talk about wine. Who knows who you'll impress; a date, your boss, maybe your father-in-law who hasn't stopped talking about his most recent trip to Italy? Ok well... probably not the last one...but still it can't hurt to try! Cheers!



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