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RECAP: Beer Fest & Beer Facts

First we want to thank all of our vendors who came out and helped us throw a kick butt Beer Fest! We couldn't have done it without you. A special thanks goes out to the band The Hard Way hired through Partner's In Sound for setting the mood and keeping us all entertained. For those who came we hope you like reminiscing with us and for those of you who couldn't make it, here's a recap of the event including our Beer Fest Beer Facts Trivia. We hope to see you all for the next one.

Read The Captions Under Pictures for Beer Facts.

Q: Which country produces the most hops in the world? A: Germany (America is the Second!)

Being able to have a food truck for Beer Fest was such a plus. Who got a taste of these Vietnamese and Korean dishes supplied by Pho Wheels? Let us know what you ordered and how delicious it was.

Q: The Best selling Beer in the world is from what Country? A: China (it's called Snow, and costs about $0.49 a can)

How adorable was Crooked Can's Booth set up? I don't know about you but I couldn't get enough of that Burgermeister Beer. Just take my beer tickets already!

Q: How many liters of beer are consumed worldwide during Oktoberfest? A: 7.3 million liters of beer

Swamp Head Brewery, Walking Tree Brewing Company, and SailfishBrewing Co. also came and offered us some delicious beers both outside and in.

Q: In the early 1900s, the word "alcoholiday" was coined to mean what? A: Leisure time spent drinking

Sitting around, drinking beer, listening to music, playing corn hole and Jenga, talking with friends, eating delicious pretzels... this is what makes Beer Fest one of our favorite times of year.

Q: Beer is the name of a crater on which celestial body? A: Our moon

If you happened to get too hot being outside or just wanted some more beer to drink we featured special Drafts on Tap inside! Not to mention we still offered wine tastings during the event. Food? Check. Beer? Double Check. Wine?! Also Check. What more could you need?

Q: In Japan, Beer cans have Braille on them for what reason? A: So that visually impaired people don't mistake it for soda.

AND (yes there's still more) we had a booth from Beer Mutts Spent-Grain Dog Treats. We saw a few fur babies at our event and boy oh boy did they like these treats.

Q: Over 160,000 pints of beer go to waste each year due to this part of the human body. A: Mustaches

I personally drove all the way up from Miami just to come to Beer Fest. I stayed at the winery until 8:00 pm even though my shift was over around 5:00 pm. I was having so much fun I still wanted to hang out! My sister came, along with her fiancé and her best friend, my own friend came and they all brought dogs. I got the beer cheese pretzel and bought the beer package and took total advantage of those $5 draft refills - which are available when you bring in your Beer Fest Mug until October 31st! We had a great time just listening to the music, drinking, and catching up.

Q: In 13th Century Norway, what ritual was performed with beer? A: Baptism

It was so nice to see all the individuals, families, and couples who came out and had a blast. Thanks again for coming, we hope you truly enjoyed your day with us. Be sure to stay up to date with winery events by signing up for our E-mail Blasts which you can do right here from our website on our Contact page or on our Home page. You can also keep up with us by following us on Facebook and Instagram @formosawinery.

That's All Folks!

See ya soon!




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