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Win Your Significant Other's Heart at the Winery for Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day can feel like a lot of pressure; there's feelings on the line and standards to live up to and expectations to be met.... but what if all the work is already done for you? All you have to do is just come by the winery and let the magic make itself! In case you haven't visited with your SO (significant other) already, trust me you're missing out. There is so much going on this month of February you have lots of options to choose from to make your sweetheart's day special even if you work the 14th!

For starters - How does pre Valentine's Day Brunch outside in our heart shaped garden sound?

I mean seriously ladies and gents...why woo your partner for only one day when there is a whole week of romance to be had?! Brunch is every Sunday from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM and features gorgeous & decadent options like our Belgian Berry Waffles, Eggs Benedict with Prosciutto, and more! Let's not forget that brunch happens at the same time as our Formosa Mimosa Special...($5 a glass ALL DAY) ...and if mimosas aren't your thing you can always order a bottle of wine to share.

Next up we have Couples Yoga the night before Valentine's Day. This event is taking place at 7PM on our rooftop balcony under strings of twinkling lights. Enjoy an evening freeing your body of stress and negative energies under the sunset and stars with your loved one or best friend. What better way to start the night before the big day than with a good stretch and a little wine already under your belt?! Don't sweat it if you're not that flexible... you don't have to be experienced in yoga to participate. Yoga instructor Carissa is a gentle leader who offers a range of posses that can be done in place of more difficult ones. I myself have participated in a few of her classes (featured every Sunday in outside in our garden). Some poses were uncomfortable for me due to my weak knees; but she showed me exactly what I could do to get the most out of my body without hurting it! Carissa also brings mats and blocks for those who may not have their own; but it is recommended to bring a mat if you have one. Couples, partners, and friends of all ages will enjoy this event!

Then there's our Sweetheart Special; sure to be in high demand on Feb.14th This is the perfect package for lovers or the girl gang celebrating Galentine's Day! This special features a bottle of Island Grove wine, a cheeseboard, and two delicious dessert cups made in house by our expert pastry chef! Never had our cheeseboard? Check out the pictures below to see what the fuss is all about.

And those pretzels? Ooooffff!! Mmm mmm GOOD. If you're partner isn't so easily impressed with wine and cheese options, there's still plenty to choose from on our bistro menu to satisfy their hunger and accompany nicely with any of our craft beers that can be purchased at the bar!

THINKING ABOUT POPPING THE BIG QUESTION? First of all.... you've come to the right place. Imagine how romantic it'd be to wine and dine at an actually WINERY! Then after sharing a nice meal and delicious wine head outside for a stroll through our vineyard or heart shaped garden where you will find our wedding arch. How special would it be to propose in a heart shaped garden at a winery ON Valentine's Day ...and then ACTUALLY get married in the SAME SPOT you proposed when the big day comes?! AHH! Ok let me calm down... I'm just excited for my own wedding that I'll be having here at the winery in the fall. And YES for those of you who didn't know, we are a super popular wedding destination in the area! If you'd like to learn more about Wedding and Event Packages you can find out more here. Feel free to send us an inquiry by filling out the form on the right side at the top of that page.

No matter what you wind up doing to celebrate your love we hope it's a celebration to remember - Cheers!

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