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We love all of our Kissimmee visitors!

June 7, 2018

We were recently honored to host LGBTQ bloggers Dopes on the Road as they explored all that Kissimmee has to offer. We love providing a refuge for all our out-of-town guests. Thanks for stopping by, friends!

Chinese New Year: The Tradition of the Golden Gift

January 27, 2017

Since winery co-owner George is from Taiwan, we learn a lot about Chinese and Taiwanese culture. Today is the eve of the Chinese New Year. You may know about the parades and celebrations that take place during this holiday, but did you know there is also a gift-giving component? The Chinese give gifts for the New Year to usher ...

How Our Garden Grows

November 15, 2016

A defining feature of our winery will be its lush surroundings: The Gardens. Diverse trees and shrubs will envelop your outdoor events and provide a green refuge amidst the familiar suburban landscape. You’ve seen how our structure is shaping up, and soon you’ll get a virtual tour of the up-and-coming gardens. True to our goal of fighting the urban heat ...

Winery Construction Update

November 2, 2016

      We have a roof! Trusses, one of the most important structural elements of the winery, are being installed and we are on schedule for an early 2017 opening.

Wedding trends evolve, but tradition holds strong

October 14, 2016

Wedding trends are always changing. Modern brides are shirking tradition in many ways: serving pudding or cupcakes instead of cake, wearing dresses that are far from white, and saving the honeymoon for months or years later. Even grooms are jumping on the bandwagon, by staging elaborate choreographed dances to impress their wives-to-be. Yet, one thing about ...

Craft Beer: Tell Us Who to Feature

September 12, 2016

Find out about our newly updated plans to feature a variety of craft beers and then submit your favorite brewer for consideration!  

Sangria 5K Dash at Island Grove Wine Company

August 25, 2016

You may not be able to visit the winery at Formosa Gardens yet, but we still want to invite you to a festival! Get to know our partner, the state’s premier blueberry grower and celebrated fruit wine producer: Island Grove Wine Company. Sign up for the Sangria 5K Dash, which begins at 8:00 AM on ...

Teach Classes at Formosa Winery

August 12, 2016

Interested in learning a new skill or reigniting a passion? You’ll be able to attend various classes at the winery. We will host all kinds of educational and health-related courses and demonstrations: yoga, painting, cooking, crafts, business training, and more. Our vision is to gather people for all kinds of positive purposes. Hobbies and group learning ...

Reversing the Urban Heat Island Effect

August 3, 2016

This summer’s heat is a daily topic of discussion here in Central Florida and in many parts of the country. It changes our routines and increases our monthly expenditures. Not least of all, it contributes to a worrisome trend of rising urban temperatures, AKA an “urban heat island.” Dark roofs, tall buildings that block air flow, ...

Eating and Baking with Star Fruit

July 26, 2016

For some of you, the carambola, or star fruit, may be old news. Perhaps you’re familiar with eating and cooking with it. Many people in the U.S., though, have never tried a star fruit. This brightly colored, adorable fruit is native to Southeast Asia and the Pacific. It has recently become a staple in Caribbean cuisine, ...

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